Obedience Trainer Pro 2013 (June #1GAM) completed!

Obedience Trainer Pro 2013 has been completed and submitted for your consumption!


I really like where this one landed. It’s a cool play on AI and how interaction between entities could be handled in a sim environment. I like that you don’t directly control the interaction, you only get to reward or correct behaviors. There’s something interesting here that could be applied on a broader scale in something else down the line.

Early on this month, I went after a top-down graphical city generator, and landed on something cool, but it just wasn’t adding much to the idea. I ended up abandoning it for the text based approach, and I think that lends itself well to the idea – it reminds me of Zork and the like that would play in my youth.

New Dog:



Check it out and let me know what you think!

I may try something different next month to change it up – revisiting an old idea could be fun.

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