Blocktion (February #1GAM)

My Feburary #1GAM 2d platformer with the following features:

  • Fast action
  • Custom checkpoints
  • Hot moves (wall slides, wall jumps, etc)
  • Placeable blocks
  • Built in editor

ESC – Title
A – Left
D – Right
W – Enter
SPACE – Jump
C – Checkpoint
S – Drop

A,SPACE – Wall Jump
A,W,D – Wall to Wall Jump

Editor Controls
[SPACE] Show/Hide Help
[ESC] Title Screen
[BACKSP] Play/Edit
[1] Permanent block
[2] Breakable block
[3] Disintegrate block
[4] MoveThrough block
[5] Spawn
[6] Pickup
[7] Spike
[8] Door

WHITE – Walk Through
LT GRY – Disintegrate
DK GRY – Breakable
BLACK – Permanent

Welcome to Blocktion
Move around using [A]/[D]
Enter doors by pressing [W]

Spikes are hazardous
Run across small gaps
Falling small distances will not harm you

Create a checkpoint using [C]
Jump chasms using [SPACE]
Use [A]/[D] to redirect yourself in air

Falling from great distances will kill you
Use [A]/[D] to Wall Slide
BLOCKS lead the way to safety

Press [SPACE] during a Wall Slide to Wall Jump
Chain Wall Jumps to reach higher places

Jump into Dark Grey blocks to break them
Dark Grey blocks cushion your fall

You can pass through White blocks
Jump up through them
Use [S] to drop through them
Holding [S] will increase your drop speed

Light Grey blocks fade after being touched

Press [ENTER] to create blocks
They will appear below you

Wrap up media
Coming soon!

5 thoughts on “Blocktion (February #1GAM)

  1. Colin Michaels

    Nice job , simple and fun. need a music selection or music mute button though .. and maybe some sound effects for jumping or falls , block pickups etc. (just my two cents) Keep up the good work.

  2. MarkoPolo

    Continually wanted my arrow keys to work also (for left, right, and jump – for some reason the Jump and combo with those keys were difficult to learn.
    Interesting challenges.
    Initial ‘spikes’ don’t read as spikes since they are symbolically close to the things you are supposed to pick up. “Avoid pit spikes” would have made it clear. This was (level 1) additionally confusing because the first pit with spikes is just after the text instruction said something like “small falls won’t hurt you” (referring to the large fall that was coming up).
    Would rather have sound fx than the music loop.

  3. Chris Willoughby Post author

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Definitely should have sound – like the feedback around spikes and learning curve. You’re right on the controls, wasd isn’t amazing for the combo moves, I’ll try out the arrows.


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