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Obedience Trainer Pro 2013 (June #1GAM) completed!

Obedience Trainer Pro 2013 has been completed and submitted for your consumption!


I really like where this one landed. It’s a cool play on AI and how interaction between entities could be handled in a sim environment. I like that you don’t directly control the interaction, you only get to reward or correct behaviors. There’s something interesting here that could be applied on a broader scale in something else down the line.

Early on this month, I went after a top-down graphical city generator, and landed on something cool, but it just wasn’t adding much to the idea. I ended up abandoning it for the text based approach, and I think that lends itself well to the idea – it reminds me of Zork and the like that would play in my youth.

New Dog:



Check it out and let me know what you think!

I may try something different next month to change it up – revisiting an old idea could be fun.

Obedience Trainer Pro 2013 (June #1GAM)

Today, I started work on my June #1GAM. I kicked off brainstorming around Education, the optional theme for the month.

I landed on dog obedience training as the game to pursue.

Here’s a quick mockup:

I’m going to go lo to hi-fi this month. To that end, I’ll start with a simple text based sim and layer in the graphics on top once it’s fun.

Stay tuned…

Pixel Rick’s Home Builders (May #1GAM) released!

I’ve finished Pixel Rick’s!

Here are some shots:
The main menu:

The hood:

Furnishing a house:

Finished house:

Another house:

Offers pouring in:

It turned out to be a fun little management sim to work on.

I like…
I like the feeling of laying out houses.
I like the way the offers come in from perspective buyers.
I love the pixel look.

I dislike…
I dislike the balance, I really wish there was more to progression and end game.
I dislike that there aren’t competitors, I would love AI builders.
I dislike that I only landed one lot style and a limited set of customization.

Check it out here.

Check out streams here.

May #1GAM – Pixel Rick’s Home Builders (pixel based home builder simulator)

Pixel Rick’s is my May #1GAM!

It started out of the idea of generating a city and quickly turned into player created one. It’s definitely building on the minimal theme from last month, but also taking in some of the pixel art experiments I’ve been conducting lately. Think of it somewhere between dwarf fortress and minecraft (2d!).

Buying Furniture:

Completed House:

This is definitely my most ambitious game, but I’m building on my LD26 success to kick it into high gear. The build that is posted represents about 15 hours of work this weekend. I’m pushing to get another 25 in before publishing.

Play it here.

Watch it get made here.

Life! (LD26, April #1GAM) nearing completion!

Life has turned out to be an interesting little game. It’s a rhythm based life simulator which puts you head to head with the desires and needs of John Albertson.

Gameplay feels like Rockband or something similar. Patterns are all procedural.

In addition, John’s story unfolds as you play. Will he get married? Will he retire? Will he be rich? You decide.



I’ll be wrapping it up tomorrow afternoon. In the mean time check it out!

Check it out here.

Check out streams here.

MechRun (March #1GAM Shooter) Nearing Completion!

2 days left!

The last few days I’ve been working on the animation states for the mech and it can now run, backpedal, fly, fall, and shoot in all directions. It looks pretty awesome! I’ve also got weapon attachments working properly, and put in a prompt for the shop as a placeholder helper.

New shot:

Check it out here!

Casts here.