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FirePower – an indie game development experiement

FirePower was my indie game submission to the 25th Ludum Dare competition.

FirePower Title Screen

FirePower Title Screen

The original version was developed and submitted in under 48 hours with about 24 hours of actual time devoted to it.  The post competition version was developed and posted in under 72 hours with about 26 hours of actual development time.

FirePower Competition  Version

FirePower Competition Version

The theme for the competition was ‘You are the Villain.’  I purposely chose to go after something that didn’t hit the theme on the nose.  I wanted something where you had to be evil to survive, but that you couldn’t be 100% evil.  I landed on a scenario where you had to make your food before eating it.  In part it’s inspired by the modern meat industry – although it isn’t a statement about it.  I love to eat meat.

FirePower Post Competition Version

FirePower Post Competition Version

This was also my first time with a new dew development process.  I live streamed everything that happened on my desktop during the process.  It was awesome.  It kept me honest and kept me charging forward.  Check out the archived streams here.  After the competition, I learned how to do timelapse streams and posted one for the post competition version here

Overall, I’m very happy with the results.  it has been spread around and played by a decent number of people and the feedback has been great.  I’d love to revisit it one day for touch devices.  I think it could be happy there.

You can play the post competition version here