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MechRun (March #1GAM Shooter) Nearing Completion!

2 days left!

The last few days I’ve been working on the animation states for the mech and it can now run, backpedal, fly, fall, and shoot in all directions. It looks pretty awesome! I’ve also got weapon attachments working properly, and put in a prompt for the shop as a placeholder helper.

New shot:

Check it out here!

Casts here.

MechRun (March #1GAM Shooter) Updates Continue!

Tonight, I focused on bringing the rocket launcher up to the level of the machine gun. You can now equip, fire, and upgrade it – just like the machine gun. I got rockets colliding and causing explosions, and played a bit with tuning.

Ready to move on to animating the mech. I’m excited to do that!


Play the game here.

Watch the cast here.

MechRun (March #1GAM tower attack) Work continues!

Today was a quick sesh – got energy, jets, and shields working and updating onscreen. Unlocked upgrades for the head, body, and legs. Added a starter weapon.

Try decking your mech fully out by pressing [ENTER] to access the upgrade screen and go to town. Starting to get pretty fun!

New shot:

Play it here.

Cast is here.

MechRun (March #1GAM tower attack) Progress Continues!

Starting to get down to the wire.

Been working on the shop for the last two sessions. The original intent for the game was to have drops, looting, a real shop – all that jazz. Reality limits my ability to deliver all of that, however. I’ve settled on 5 weapon slots on the mech, that can each have a machine gun or a rocket launcher. Those can be upgraded.

In addition, I’ve landed on the following attributes:

  • Speed – how fast you move
  • Jets – how much you can climb upward
  • Energy – how much you can shoot
  • Shields – how much damage you can take

You’ll work from within the shop to upgrade your mech during a session – pushing further and further. As you get stronger, so will the enemies, so watch out.

Here’s the shop as implemented:

There will be more options coming here, and maybe a little cleanup, but that’s where it’s at.

Here’s an updated gameplay shot with all 5 guns on the mech:

As always, play the latest version here.

Watch the cast here.

Let me know what you think.

MechRun (March #1GAM Destroyer) Update Posted!

Exciting changes today. Got in the helicopter enemy, these guys are a real bugger – they pursue you relentlessly and fire quickly. Also began work on manned flight. Camera and controls could still use some work, but you can start to see what the end-game might look like.



  • Copter added
  • Fixed van gunner rotation
  • Vertical flight (W)
  • Vertical camera

Lots more to do – but starting to be fun!

Play it here.

Workcast is here.

MechRun (March #1GAM Tower Attack) Updated!

Went to work today on the new direction. There were some assumptions I was making before that I had to overcome. Then, I had to implement good feeling controls, and a whole new camera. I’m pretty happy with where it ended up for a first pass.


  • Generate whole level on start
  • Left and right movement
  • New camera
  • Enemies move left and right
  • Towers continue to grow
  • Walk through buildings
  • Only shoot buildings when cursor is on them
  • Random building placement
  • New floors are dropped in from the sky (air support)

Going to add the first air unit next and then start looking at taking this thing vertical. The goal is that the battle starts out on the ground, you earn some upgrades, then you take to the sky to continue it.

New build here.

New cast here.

MechRun (March #1GAM Tower Attack) update released!


Here I was thinking that I was going to be building a side scrolling runner. That all changed today, however, as I was hit by a better idea while I was in the middle of implementing the new building physics.

What if the goal was to defend against an enemy assault on your homeland whereby you are trying to tear down local rapid deployment nuclear launch towers that they’re putting up! It marries two amazing oldschool games – Defender II from the NES and Raid on Bungeling bay from c64. Let’s do this!

Raid on Bungeling Bay

Raid on Bungeling Bay

Defender II

Defender II

Changes today:

  • Squish enemy infantry
  • Run through buildings
  • Building physics
  • Better shooting physics
  • Armored van enemy
  • More controlled enemy aiming

Updated shot:

Playable here.

Cast of today’s work here.

MechRun (March #1GAM Runner Shooter) First Playable!

My March #1GAM is a mech based runner with shooting. It’s a mech based runner shooter! First playable has been posted for your early build playing pleasure!

First screenshot:
MechRun Screen1

I’ve hit some challenges with motivation, but now that I’m starting to get into the swing of it, I’m getting excited for this little guy.

As an aside, I’ve taken on building my own 2d collision layer in Unity to make my game development go smoother. I just couldn’t get what I wanted out of the default stuff. I started with a dynamic quadtree; it dynamically resizes itself to include and represent the elements. I took the collision system from Blocktion and layered that over the top for something I’m pretty happy with. I may end up throwing this up on the asset store to check out that process to.

Anyway, check the game out here and leave feedback!