FirePower (LD25)

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2 thoughts on “FirePower (LD25)

  1. MarkoPolo

    Pretty good action strategy – Would prefer more audio feedback instead of the music (which wasn’t annoying just didn’t add much when I’m keeping my power meter in check). Once I figured out I could put down stone walls and make a large zig-zag to burn while i handled weeds and droughts it got a bit easier.
    Needs rollovers for the 3 powers in the upper left (FIRE – burn trees for power. WATER – extinguish fire, heal drought, STONE – contains fire, weeds) – something like that.
    Would have be a nice upgrade to go to stylized tree graphics and add audio for the different powers.
    Also add shortcut keys F-FIre, W-Water, S-Stone [Space] PAUSE.


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