Hall of Champions (January #1GAM)

Hall of Champions
My #1GAM January game
Music by Mads Aasvik

It’s an american football roguelike, borrowing the following elements from the genre:

  • Procedural generation (plays, teams, players)
  • Turn based interaction (you move, they move)
  • Progression (win and you level up)
  • Permadeath (lose and your team is done)

The Kongregate version has leaderboards.
Play it here.

The controls are documented heavily throughout the game. Any text on the screen that is white is a control. At a high level W/A/S/D move your character, space confirms, and everything else is there for you to see.

Why football?
It was super fun to build! I’ve always been a football fan, and have wanted to build a football game for as long as I can remember. Each time that I’d tried in the past, I’d end up over complicating it or rat-holing on one detail that would derail the process. This is my first end-to-end honest to goodness football game and I’m proud of it.

Why no special teams?
There are no special teams in Hall of Champions! You score, the opponent gets the ball on their 20. At first, I was just avoiding adding it, but when it came down to it, I didn’t think it’d add much more fun. I like the idea of you having to go all in to get first downs.

How long did it take to make?
Hall of Champions took 72 hours of my precious nights and weekends. It was worth every minute of it.

Wrap up media
Development Timelapse

2 thoughts on “Hall of Champions (January #1GAM)

  1. MarkoPolo

    Great game – a lot of fun. Choices for Defense (WASD) didn’t make much sense – am I picking a specific counter to my opponent’s layout – if so it wasn’t clear what that was.
    Needs sounds.
    AI gets a little dumb on interception (lots of players on the ground, the ones up didn’t seem to want to chase me). I’d let players get up after a little while if they fall down.
    Lots of fun strategies here.
    It isn’t initally clear when I started on defense what color I was (the flashing icon could have been who I was supposed to tackle or something) – I think just saying the team color “You are BLUE” somewhere in the instructions would help.

    Good luck Chris!

  2. Chris Willoughby Post author

    Thanks Mark! The feedback is great! I would have loved to do more on defense – just ran out of time. Formations, matchups, all of that would be fun to play with.

    Yeah – the AI can be a crap shoot – I like the knockdown mechanic, but some kind of timeout or something could make it feel more realistic in those situations.

    Good call on the instructions – this one’s a little lacking in that department. Definitely something to keep in mind going forward.

    Thanks for playing!


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