A LD26 and April #1GAM minimalist rhythm life simulator.

Back of the box
Take on the role of John Albertson.
Guide him through life’s ebb and flow.
Will he end up happy?
You and your keyboard decide.


Minimalist art
Minimalist audio
Minimalist elements
Minimalist controls
Minimalist life

You are John Albertson
Age 23

You just started a new job.
You have a girlfriend.
You are in reasonable shape.
You have a little money.

But you aren’t really happy.


In life, you must choose to be happy…
Opportunities trickle to the left…
Press a key to act at the decision point.

In life, you are faced with many decisions…
Needs and value dictate the answer…
Simply ignore those which are unnecessary.

In life, you must make decisions quickly…
Act efficiently to maximize happiness.

A/S/D/F – Perform action
Space – Start/continue

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2 thoughts on “LIFE! (APRIL #1GAM, LD26)

  1. Peter Sarrett


    A little confused by the feedback (perhaps too minimalist here?). Specifically, what does the brightness of the notes mean? I *thought* the darker ones were the areas I’ve ignored/done poorly on, but sometimes notes of different brightness appear consecutively in the same column, so that left me completely confused. My eyes are drawn to the brighter notes, and so I tend to focus on those rather than the dark ones. Intended?

    It was also unclear at first that you can only hit one note at a time, and when simultaneous notes appear you have to pick one or the other. Additional feedback at those moments would help.

    I think you could bolster the feedback while still adhering to the minimalist theme. For instance, a fill bar would read more easily than brightness for telling me how well I’m doing in each quality. With brightness, it’s very hard for me to know where I am on the continuum from BLACK to WHITE. 20%? 60%? A fill bar would show this much more readily (and could still have varying brightness).

    Congratulations on getting it done!

    1. Chris Willoughby Post author

      Thanks Peter! The feedback is super useful.

      I fought against my typical tell every single detail on this one, but may have gone to the other extreme.

      Brightness shows importance or value of the task, basically, they are the ones worth worrying about to keep going. It’s a play on less is more, but perhaps not clear enough.


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