Mech Defender (March #1GAM)

Mech Defender
My March #1GAM 2d mech island defender.

We’ve spread ourselves too thin\n in our global war on terror…
An unstable communist nation\n has recognized our weakness…
And are poised to invade, starting\n with our outlying islands…
All our forces are abroad\n and there’s only one hope…
A brand new top secret\n mech suit piloted by…

A – Left
D – Right
W – Jets
Left Click – Shoot
Enter – Enter/Exit Shop

Why Island Defense?
Mech Defender started as a mech based runner. I quickly landed on the gunplay, and fell in love with it. Once that happened, it became clear I wasn’t making a runner any more, so I settled on an island defense.

What’s left to make this a real game?
Audio. Effects. Polish. Variety.
The core mechanics are there and super fun, but I didn’t have time for enough content.

What’s next for it?
I plan to revisit it at the beginning of May, add polish and post it to Kongregate.
Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Mech Defender (March #1GAM)

  1. MarkoPolo

    I want to be able to skip the opening story screens.
    Vans feel too powerful relative to their size (and lack of ‘explosive’ feedback to let me know something important has taken from my shields.
    Looking forward to the version with sounds
    Perhaps an on-mech representation of my current health level (power pack glow, visible shield outline around the form or something) would be easier to follow than looking down at the hud continuously.
    Best of luck to you on future revisions Chris!

  2. Chris Willoughby Post author

    Thanks guys!

    I really really wanted to get to polish on this one, but spent too much time on the shooting and upgrading mechanics. Sound and explosions are probably the biggest glaring omissions, although I really like the idea of something visual on the mech to represent damage.


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