Pixel Rick’s (May #1GAM)

Pixel Rick’s Home Builders
May #1GAM home builder simulator.

Back of the box
You are Pixel Rick, home builder!
Take on the role of a custom home builder
Design and build the house of a buyer’s dreams
Select the best from many incoming offers
Get the biggest bang for you buck to hit huge profits

Welcome to Pixel Rick’s Home Builders!
Click Messages
Select house for options
Click buy to buy house
Click build to build house
Click Room to layout rooms
Choose Bdrm for bedroom
Click and Drag to place
Click Buy for furniture
Click Potential for profit
Go back to list house
Click List to list house
Click Buyers for details
Offers come as messages
Accept a good offer

Mouse – hover over things
Left mouse – select

Why Home Building
I’ve been toying with some ideas about representing a neighborhood this way, and wanted to see how it worked.

Why isn’t it balanced
Unfortunately, the scope dictated that I spend a bunch of time on UI and things I don’t normally – this costed in the end game.

What else could you do with it?
I’d love to add competing builders, AI built houses, more house templates, more customization, flipping of houses, loans, contracts, etc.
If it gets enough interest at any point, maybe I’ll revisit and play with those concepts.

Why fewer updates this month?
I went dark for a decent part of the month while building this one
There were large swaths where I didn’t have a UI or interaction model
Also, the finances end of things didn’t come online until pretty late
Going forward, I’m going to try to take a low-to-high approach and get playable earlier

Stay tuned…

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